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Ctrl Alt Del

Ctrl Alt Del Tobacco is a two-year campaign and creative programme that promotes a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle among young people in Singapore.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for young change makers to make an impact on the world.

Ctrl Alt Del Tobacco was born as a co-creation initiative that uses the power of storytelling - through video, design, photography and creative writing - to conduct a series of creative workshops for youth. Through the workshops, the students will have the opportunity to learn from inspiring creators on how they can share their own story on staying smoke-free or quitting smoking through different creative mediums.

Besides promoting a smoke-free environment and encouraging everyone to engage a tobacco-free approach, Ctrl Alt Del Tobacco also invites everyone, non-smokers and smokers, to join an open and honest conversation and to share their stories, so together we can create a healthier environment for youth in Singapore.

Check out the amazing entries from World No Tobacco Day Competition 2019!

For inquires, contact kelly@vsstory.com.


Creative Writing Submissions


Design Submissions


Phone Photography Submissions


Creative Video Submissions

By: Wenlin Tan, Sanjana Agarwal, Jessica, Chua Ka Sin

By Megan and Nicole Lee

By Deepesh Vasudev
CtrlAltDel Tobacco Documentary

Documentary Film Submissions


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An Additional Special Prize awards the Most Creative Entry

Workshops are currently closed!

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Workshop Mentors